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How to Leave a Review on Etsy | the Ultimate Guide 2022

Good news for you:

If you’re looking for a step-by-step guideline for beginners on how to leave an evaluation on Etsy, you have come to the appropriate post!

You’ve just bought a thing on Etsy as well as wish to know exactly how to leave comments on Etsy platform. It’s possible for you to write a review on the seller’s page within the limited days after the estimated delivery day.

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Before jumping right into the guide on just how to create a testimonial on Etsy, let’s take a look at what Etsy is and what this marketplace can do for you.

Etsy is a global eCommerce marketplace that generally serves to purchase and also offer handmade, vintage items or craft supplies.

Given that it was released in 2005, Etsy has continuously established and also become one of the suitable industries for merchants all over the world to broaden sales networks. According to BuiltWith, this E-market rated 3rd in the top non-platform on the entire net.

Even with the negative influence of the Covid 19 Pandemic, Etsy is still one of the most positive markets for both vendors and customers throughout the globe. According to its 2019 and 2020 annual reports, the eCommerce system drove over $6 billion in U.S. seller economics output.

So, if you are asking “Is Etsy Trustworthy?”, the response is definitely YES!

What Makes Etsy Special?

One-of-a-kind Products: Unlike ebay.com or Amazon, Etsy’s target customers are local business and also vendors who want one-of-a-kind items. You can easily locate a big array of handmade, customized, individualized, vintage, as well as craft supply products from all over the world.
Worldwide Reach: Among the reasons that many vendors and also customers choose to utilize Etsy is the worldwide connection. Its core geographical markets are the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia, and also France. 

You can conveniently interact across borders even if purchasers do not talk the same language and also wish to negotiate in various money.

Connection Between Etsy Buyers and also Sellers: Etsy guarantees the provided things are given birth to by real individuals. With Etsy, purchasers are able to link straight with sellers (that produced the item) so they can ask inquiries and individualize or tailor things to fit their demands.

There are currently approximately 65 million products listed on the Etsy market as well as the number is still rising. Nevertheless, together with the rapid boost in the variety of items, consumers need to face the problem of choosing the very best alternative amongst a lot of various other choices.

As a result, they need a solid fulcrum to lean on as well as make the decisions to purchase their required products. Other Than Etsy SEO position, reviews are specifically reliable proof of the quality of the products.

Exactly how to Leave a Review on Etsy?

Etsy permits you to leave a testimonial and rating for the product top quality through a testimonial system with numerous specs and needs, such as:

You can just evaluate products that appear in your Etsy account after being acquired by you.
In case you acquired an item without logging in, you can assert the order to your brand-new or existing account and also leave an evaluation.
You just have 100 days after the purchase to compose a testimonial on a product.
The evaluated product has to be acquired off duty a testimonial on Etsy or Etsy app.
You can easily recognize just how to leave an Etsy review– one of the top markets in 2022 on your purchases page by adhering to the guide below:

Step 1: Visit to your account

Log into Etsy.com and also click on “Your account”, then go to “Purchases and evaluations”.

Most likely to purchase as well as review to edit
Most likely to purchase as well as evaluate to modify

Step 2: Locate items to leave an evaluation on Etsy

Discover the thing you intend to examine

Step 3: Create your item's review.

Next, it’s time to compose an evaluation on Etsy Your testimonial should go to the very least five words long. You can likewise publish a photo (optional) to accompany your evaluation by clicking the camera symbol. You can rate the products on a scale from 1 to 5 celebrities.

Step 4: Post your review on Etsy.

After that, finish your process by clicking “Post Your Testimonial”.

Message your review
Post your evaluation
You will certainly see your evaluation as well as others’ on the seller’s web page as well as the thing web page. Reviews can not be deleted by any individual yet can be edited by their own posters.

Just how to Edit a Review on Etsy?
To edit the Etsy review, the review should be provided within the 100-day period. After the given time, your testimonial will certainly be secured and can not be edited or removed.

On top of that, if the seller reacts to a review, the review is immediately locked and it will not be feasible to edit it even more.

How to edit a testimonial on etsy
Exactly how to edit a testimonial on Etsy
Before getting involved in it, you ought to note that you can not modify reviews of 3 stars or fewer that are reacted to by the seller, even if they delete their response afterward. So in case, your evaluation can still be modified, here’s how to do it.

Action 1: Visit to Etsy.com as well as click on “Your account”, then go to “Purchases and reviews”
Edit evaluation
Edit review
Step 2: Discover the review you want to modify and also click “Edit testimonial”
Price your item
Rate your item
Action 3: Modification the celebrity rating and also message as needed, after that pick “Article your evaluation” when you’re done
Blog post your testimonial
Article your evaluation
How to Delete a Review on Etsy?
To erase a review on Etsy, the review should be provided within the 100-day duration. After the given time, your review will be locked in and also can’t be modified or erased.

Keep in mind that if you erase a testimonial, Etsy might not let you write a brand-new one.

If you intend to transform an evaluation, like in a circumstance where you wish to increase the star rating to reflect good customer care, it’s much better to modify rather than erasing it to be on the secure side.

To remove a review on Etsy, browse to the “Acquisitions as well as Reviews”, locate the testimonial that you want to delete, and also modify accordingly.

Why Should You Know Exactly How to Leave a Review on Etsy?
As claimed above, testimonials are a vital factor that assists customers to make even more educated options. Additionally, they also enhance the link and understanding in between sellers and buyers.

Thus, this indeed brings more ease to the acquiring process in addition to boosts the high quality of customer service which profits both sides.

There are numerous reasons why you should recognize how do you leave a review on Etsy:

Valuable information for other customers
Everyone tends to choose based on suggestions from other people. Evaluations operate in a comparable method. Favorable evaluations offer consumers more count on the products and motivate them to buy.

By comparison, they will certainly be less most likely to buy if they fulfill poor feedback, such as distribution delays, crashing items, and more. Therefore, each evaluation adds an important part to customers’ journey as well as assists other purchasers make smarter decisions, and also gives the business one more crucial source of consumer responses.

Program your feeling about the items
Lots of people prefer to share their purchase experiences with others. They wish to reveal their joy and also complete satisfaction when receiving a great item as well as also dissatisfaction as well as temper with bad ones. Purchasers leave reviews on Etsy not only to aid various other customers but likewise to offer an aiding hand to improve the vendor’s product or service.

Show your felling when you leave an evaluation on Etsy
Show your sensation on Etsy
Contribute to the neighborhood
Leaving an evaluation on Etsy after buying an item has been ending up being a great routine and also a trend amongst clients in the online market.

Thanks to reviews on web sites, you can easily connect with various other customers as well as shopkeeper, producing a positive society when shopping online, specifically not leaving harmful responses; making sure item high quality, and more. It’s constantly good to write a review on Etsy as well as any other market after purchasing.

Exactly how to Leave a Testimonial on Etsy: FAQs
How to assess on Etsy?
To create a testimonial on Etsy, you need to login into your account → Accessibility the “Purchases and Testimonials” → Locate the products to assess → Compose your review on Etsy → Publish.

Why can not I leave a testimonial on Etsy?
If you can not leave an evaluation on Etsy, maybe due to the fact that you’re not a registered Etsy individual. Etsy restricts the ability to leave testimonials so that its system isn’t abused so the real clients that leave testimonials are verified as real customers.

How to report a testimonial on Etsy?
To report a review, click “Report this review” under the review you intend to report. You can report an evaluation until 100 days after the estimated shipment day of that thing.

Just how to request for a review on Etsy?
You are a vendor on Etsy, and also you wish to ask for consumer testimonials of your product/items. Do ask for testimonials through Confirmation Web page as well as Email, Insert Cards, etc.

Just how do I leave an evaluation on Etsy as a visitor?
You can not leave a testimonial on Etsy as a guest. You must prove that you are a confirmed consumer by asserting the acquisition of the item you want to compose a review.

First, locate the email you got from [email protected] when you purchased the item/product. Click on the order number in the very first line of the receipt. Comply with the prompts to develop an account. The order will be connected to your brand-new account, as well as you’ll be able to leave an evaluation.

Final Words
Etsy is an excellent alternative for both buying items as well as earning money online. Aside from this market, vendors are additionally complying with the fad and also expanding their service to multichannel marketing options such as Amazon.com or eBay, or Wix.

Spending time to write a testimonial on Etsy after you buy a product assists advertise making use of online marketplaces as well as promotes eCommerce activities in general.


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