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Is Alura worth it? Complete Review of The Best Etsy Product Research Tool

Many Etsy sellers are using Alura for product research, keyword tool, and many more, but is it worth it?

Creating a successful Etsy shop is no easy task, you will have to do product research, and scan the market to find which niche has a high demand and low competition. 

But as a starting seller, it can take a lot of work to work this on your own. Thankfully, all-in-one tools are available now to assist you with your Etsy needs, Alura for example. 

In this review, we will show you how the Alura app works and how can it improve your Etsy sales. 

What is Alura?

Alura is a product research tool that is used for Etsy to give you a better understanding of what’s selling on Etsy. It can also help you scan the market and discover potential winning product ideas

Alura helps you with your Keyword Research, Product Research, Listing Optimization, and many more to help you succeed on Etsy. 

Reasons why to use Alura for Etsy

According to Handmade & Beyond, this is one of the best third-party tools to help you grow and improve your Etsy business. 

In this video, he will show us the top features and demonstrate how to use Alura for your Etsy shop. 

 Alura: How much does it cost?

You can use Alura as they have a free plan, which gives access to all the tools and half of the features.

However, If you are doing research regularly or want to incorporate email marketing into your Etsy business, you can upgrade to the Starter plan or Professional plan. 

With the Starter plan, you can either choose: 

  • $29.99/month which is paid monthly.
  • $19.99/month paid yearly for a total of $239 annually. 

With the Professional plan, you can either choose: 

  • $49.99/month which is paid monthly. 
  • $29.99/month paid yearly for a total of $359 annually. 

Alura on the number of sales on Etsy

Alura uses a combination of data such as views, favorites, and other indicators to estimate a listing’s total and monthly sales. 

They have a claimed 80% accuracy on estimated sales. It means for a listing that sells 10 a month, they are likely to estimate the sale to be around 8-12, which gives you pretty close estimates in your competitor and market research. 

Even if the accuracy of it isn’t 100%, you can make more knowledgeable decisions based on the tool. Also, you are less likely to waste your effort in other areas or indicators that don’t matter as much. 

How to use Alura for Etsy

You can work directly on Etsy using the Alura Chrome extension which can show you useful and hidden information.

Using Alura Chrome Extension on the Etsy search page

Use the Alura Chrome extension in an incognito browser. 

Using an incognito browser makes personal recommendations to not affect the search results and skew your market research, and to arrive at accurate search results.

To use Alura on Etsy, open an incognito browser and search for a keyword, then open the Chrome extension.  

This will load the listings related to that keyword together with their information. You can scroll down to load and scan more listings for better results. 

There are a few indicators on using Alura which can give you information about your search. 

  • Typical Sales – This indicates the general demand for this keyword. A higher figure means higher demand on Etsy. 

  • Score – A higher score means high sales and low competition. We recommend you choose keywords with a score of 6 or higher.

  • Trend button – This will give you an idea if the keyword you have chosen is seasonal or has high demand throughout the year.

You can also use this to predict the demand for a seasonal product and use the keyword to add seasonal trending products before your competition does. 

You can also sort the listings by “monthly sales” to see which are top-selling products of the past 30 days. 

Sorting the listings by “revenue” will give you an idea of which products are potentially profitable. 

What’s good with Alura is that it will make you able to see the listing tags that Etsy hides nowadays. With this, you can now see the “tags” of a top-selling product and copy it all at once to use it for your listing. 

Using Chrome extension on Etsy Shops

You can also use Alura on an Etsy shop, may it be a competitor’s shop or a trending shop that inspires you. 

Just open the Chrome extension and load all the product information needed. Then click on “monthly sales” to show the best-selling products. 

You can also sort the products by price to see whether the shop offers higher-priced items that could mean a higher profit margin potential. 

Alura Email Sender

Alura’s Email sender integrates directly with your Etsy shop. 

This will make you able to send Transactional emails which you can send to your customers and subscriber campaigns which you can send to people who subscribed to your email list. 

Keyword Finder

This helps you discover new keywords and gauge their demand/competition. 

  • Overview Tab – On the overview tab, you can gain insights and reveal information about the demand based on views, favorites, and sales. 

With “competition” means the number of listings ranking under this keyword, and “shops competing” shows the number of shops ranking under this keyword.

  • Analytics Tab – This tab shows the price distribution of the products under these keywords. 

  • Listings Tab – This tab will show you the most popular listings with the keyword you have searched.  And once you clicked on a listing, it will show you a detailed view on the left and show you more information like the title, tags, views, and others. 

Product Seeker

You can use this for product research and discover winning product ideas on Etsy. 

You can filter minimum monthly sales, price, and item type to filter for a winning product idea based on your criteria and niche. 

Start with doing a broad search with few filters and after identifying some product ideas, you can start narrowing down the search with filters based on your criteria. 

Shop Analyzer 

This gives you more in-depth information on a specific or the top 500 trending Etsy shop. 

  • Overview Tab – This is where you will find the information on all the shop’s products, including sales, prices, etc. 

  • Analytics Tab – In this tab, you can see charts about a shop’s best-selling products and sales distribution. The section showing the shop’s most used tags can be helpful, you can use these tags in your listings to reach more shoppers. 

  • About Tab – You can see a shop’s message to the buyer that is not possible to know unless you bought from that shop. With this, you can learn about other shops’ customer service and incorporate it into your own. 

Listing Helper

This can help you analyze your listings and see how optimized they are. This also gives you pretty actionable recommendations on how to improve your listings. 

According to Handmade & Beyond, This is the best tool to follow up with customers and get more reviews.

Other Tools inside Alura



Here are some of the extra tools of Alura that can help you in your shop:



  • Best Selling Etsy Shop – You can now view the highest-selling shops and trending shops in different categories. 



  • Etsy Privacy Policy Generator – You can now generate a privacy policy for your shop in just minutes!



  • Etsy Free Calculator – This is an important tool for any Etsy seller to calculate your profit margins. 

Cinquanta Cox-Smith shares her thoughts about Alura for Etsy, especially when using it for her Product Research.

Alura alternatives

If you think there are things that Alura lacks, you can check other Alura alternatives here


Alura is a great third-party tool for Etsy for your Etsy needs, even first-time sellers who are starting to build their shops can use it for Product Research, Market Research, and finding which niche they can start to sell.

Alura can also be a great tool for seasoned sellers to further improve their listings. They can draw more customers into their listings by discovering new tags and tags used by bestsellers, and discovering new keywords that greatly help in their listing optimization. 

I hope you have learned something new that can help in your journey to becoming a successful Etsy seller. And If you want to know more about this content, feel free to visit Jadeshoot!

Alura FAQs

Is Alura safe for Etsy?

Yes, It is a great tool for creating and expanding your Etsy Shop! It almost has everything you need for finding what products to sell, optimizing listings, SEO and reviews.

Is Alura Free?

They have a free plan which you can try and test before starting your premium subscription.

Is Alura any good?

Yes, This is a great tool even for beginners and for those who are learning and starting selling on Etsy! Their tools explain the why and not just tell you an answer without a reason.