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eRank for Etsy: What is it? Did eRank increase my Etsy Sales?

Is your store having a hard time competing against top sellers? I have something just for you. 

One of the most popular SEO and Keyword research tool used for Etsy is eRank or known as the Etsy Rank tool because it has very affordable plans and a big list of features. 

The goal of eRank is to improve the ranking of a seller’s product listings on the platform. It uses SEO, which allows sellers to push their listings higher in the rankings. Think of it as your secret weapon against competitors. 

The question is, is it worth it? How will it help me in my sales? Don’t worry, I have the same questions as you do, so I tested it out to see if this can give us a better fighting chance of competing against the top sellers and improve our sales even further. 

How Much Does eRank Cost? 

I know… I know…  

You might be thinking, “this might cost a fortune”, “it’s just another gimmick”, or “I don’t need to pay for another tool”…

Well, that’s where you’ve got it all wrong, you might be needing this tool if you want to have a better chance against top sellers, and no, it won’t cost you that much. The eRank SEO tool has a free plan with limited access to the tools that may help you out.

Etsy eRank price

Here are some of the eRank pricing plans offered. Note that there are some tools that you can only access with paid plans, such as competition tracker, and Etsy top sellers. 

But even if they are paid plans, they are quite affordable, for only $5.99 for the basic and $9.99 for the Pro plan. You can check out the other eRank plans here

I recommend that you should start with the free plan first to get familiarized with the tool, and its functionality, then upgrade to the basic plan if you plan to use it regularly.

eRank’s Functionality

To learn how to use eRank for Etsy, let us go to eRank and create your free account. Don’t worry, it’s completely free to register. After creating your eRank, you have to integrate the tool into your Etsy store via the eRank menu. 

 To connect your eRank to your Etsy store, simply follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to your eRank and your Etsy Store.
  2. In the upper right corner of your eRank account, click on the settings option.
  3. Go to your shop’s option.
  4. Look for the “Connect Another Shop” button and hit it, it should appear like a blue button.
  5. After hitting the button, this will lead you to your Etsy shop, hit allow access to complete connecting your Etsy store to eRank.

eRank Dashboard

With eRank’s dashboard, you can see a lot about your Etsy shop, you can also see how much sales and how your shop ranks globally. 

eRank’s Data Tool can provide you with solid insights, and it also shows the best-performing stores of each niche in the platform. It can also help you in your listing audits, identification of missing images and tags, scout opportunities, and receive suggestions. 

You can use these features to see which listings need optimization and which have missing attributes, spelling errors, or one-word tags that can negatively impact your listings. 


This section shows which listings don’t use all 10 images and how many more are needed for a specific listing. Etsy recommends that you use all 10 images as it will significantly help with your conversion rate. 

Missing Attributes

Another metric that can be found on the dashboard is the missing attributes. It is where you can select the color, material type, and occasion, this will greatly help you as it will narrow down buyer searches, making your listings much easier to be found. 

Most Useful eRank Tools

eRank Etsy Keyword tool

This is quite similar to Keyword Explorer but has additional features, it shows several keyword ideas with search volume and competition. 

This tool can also analyze the top 100 listings of a specific keyword and gives you insight into views and average prices. It can also help you discover new keywords that you might have missed and keywords that competitors are using. 

Rank Checker

This Etsy ranking tool will provide you with a report evaluating your competitiveness and demand power of a specific and relevant keyword. 

This tool can also show you how optimized your listings are and show how much your competitors are paying to place an ad for a particular keyword. 

This page shows you which products, keywords, materials, and styles are trending now on different platforms, such as Amazon, Pinterest, eBay, and other related platforms.

Listing Audit

This tool allows you to have an in-depth look at your listings and identify which one needs improvements and which parts need to be optimized. The tool is pretty comprehensive and helps you by advising on improving your listing titles, tags, and description. 

Changes tool

With this eRank tool, you can now track your Etsy listing and see its performance with the changes that you have made. 

Shop Tools: Tag report and Map

There are some tools that you can use for your shop, one of these is the tag report, which allows you to see how often the tag is used in your shop and their performance. 

Another thing is a map that allows you to see your sales across the country, however, it only shows you your 300 most recent sales and not your all-time sales. 

Top Sellers

You can see the Top 100 Etsy shops by sales, may it be yesterday’s sales or your all-time sales. This also allows you to filter by categories to see your biggest competition, however, a free eRank account only allows you to view the top 5 Etsy shops. 

eRank Calculator

eRank also has an integrated calculator to help you with your costing and pricing. 

ROI Calculator – This helps you gain an insight into your return on investment on your ads, and helps you determine whether it is worth running Etsy ads.
Profit Calculator – This helps you to calculate your Etsy Fees and estimates how much profit will you make in return. Now, how cool is that?


Is eRank worth it?

I think, using eRank for Etsy is worth it if you want to improve your sales in a span of months to a year, after all, they do offer a free plan to help you get your feet wet and test the waters. It is comprehensive to use and offers numerous outstanding features for its price. 

eRank or Etsyhunt?

eRank and Etsyhunt are both the two big players of the game, both are good keyword tools and serves their purpose, however, there are things that eRank lacks that Etsyhunt has, such as chrome and Edge extension for product tag scanning. Meanwhile, Etsyhunt lacks a Profit calculator and hashtag generator, which is found more useful by many Etsy sellers.

And you can found the EtsyHunt with 10% discount, here.

Source: https://ecommercenewshq.com/etsyhunt-review-2022/

How much does eRank cost?

eRank price has good plan for you. You can try eRank for free and also cost no more than 10 bucks on the pro version. eRank Ltd. says that eRank tool maybe the most powerful Etsy keyword tool for Etsy SEO.

eRank Free vs. eRank Basic vs. eRank Pro

If you are on a tight budget and want to invest $0 in improving your store, the Free Plan is the way to go, however, there are some tools that you don’t have access to. 

The Basic Plan provides you more options and more room to move around eRank while the Pro Plan offers the same tools but with a higher number of uses for each tool. 

To have a piece of in-depth knowledge about their plans, differences, and pricing, take a look here


There are a lot of Keyword tools that might help you out in improving your sales, you can check them here to find out which alternative Etsy SEO tools is best for your shop. 

  1. FullSEO is the platform that provides various tools to optimize the SEO of your online business and earn the maximum revenue.
  2. Sellzone is the web-based platform, designed and produced by Semrush, that provides the tools to run the store and sell the products on Amazon successfully.
  3. Kimp.io is an unlimited design company, specializing in graphic design (including print and digital designs, custom illustrations, landing page designs and email designs) and video design.
  4. Sale Samurai is a web-based platform that provides the tools to manage the SEO of your e-commerce brand.
  5. Marmalead is the platform that provides you the tool with keywords that helps you to run a successful store on Etsy marketplace and increase your customer engagement and boost your sale.
  6. Keysearch is the web-based marketing platform that helps you to find the best keyword for your website, blogs, online stores, and e-commerce business.
  7. Keywords Everywhere, which is a free browser add-on for keyword volume & competition.

Wrapping it up

If you have made it this far, I would like to thank you for reading, and I hope you learned something new that can help you with your Etsy selling journey. And If you are looking for a tool that can help you optimize your Shop’s SEO, eRank is an outstanding tool due to its number of features offered and is great in helping you audit your listings, review competitors, as well as making educated decisions. 

Here at Jadeshoots Academy, we hope that you will find this guide helpful and help you find solutions that can make your Etsy shop optimized and become successful!